Welcome to ZAW MYANMAR DISTRIBUTION, the leader of best quality PPR Pipes, Fittings and Accessories, PVC Pipe Accessories, Bathroom Accessories and Water Treatment Equipment distributor in MYANMAR.

Our Successful Main Factors

The followings are the main factors which mean our rules and regulations, our managements and our financial systems which we always practice in our distribution business, since 1999.


Our sale men are always receive the orders
by calling in turn to all of our customers, by the incoming calls from Customers, by receiving the customer’s orders from our Marketing teams who are always going around Myanmar.Any order can give us withing offiice hours by the above methods. We are always welcome every inquiry and orders.



We have free delivery service for the minium limited quantities within at most 48hours. Every Yangon area we can deliver by door to door system with free charge in order to the locations. And for the whole country, we can deliver to the Express Gates and Marchandise Transportations by free charge. Customer need to pay the transportation charges from Yangon to their respective locations.



We have cashdown payment system with no limited quantity and 10 days credit system for only Yangon Region with the limited quantity. For the other cities except Yangon, we have one month credit system with the limited quantity.



We use constant percentage of discount for Yangon Region with limited quantity & limited date. We use constant percentage of discount for other cities except Yangon with limited quantity &
limited date.



We always give Shirts for the customer who buy one item one packing. Umbrellas for the customer who buy one item 3 packings. For hats, cups & pens for the customers according to the quantities and amounts. Our gift plans never stop in all seasons.


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